CALL TO ACTION! South Daytona 6 Month Moratorium on Issuing Business Licenses for LMTS!

    South Daytona Ordinance 16-03 will place a 6 month moratorium on the approval of Business Licenses for Massage Therapists, Tattoo parlors, alcohol and tobacco shops.   If passed, this law will take effect July 1, 2016.

Two issues are of concern here: our inclusion in a category with tattoo, alcohol and tobacco as well as the moratorium on licensed massage therapists to work.

The first hearing of the bill was read, and approved May 24th.

The second and final reading is (this coming)  Tuesday the 14th of June at 6pm.

We, as an organization of Licensed Massage Therapists are attending  this meeting and we want you there with us.

If you have any FSMTA attire, hats, pins, etc, wear them.  If you have a shirt or scrubs you wear in your own business that identifies you are a massage therapist, wear that.

Below you will find attached the City Council announcement of the meeting and  Hometown News article on this topic.

Please inform yourself and share this information with all your LMT friends.

Tuesday June 14, 2016
City Hall Council Chambers
South Daytona City Hall
1672 S. Ridgewood Ave
South Daytona, FL

Thank you, see you there!

$50 a Night Room-Share Special Program for Convention! Caribe Royale

Half Off Hotel Rooms Available As WE Count Down to Convention.
$50 a night, per person gets you into our Room Share Program for a 3 person Suite.
$75 a night, per person gets you into our Room Share Program for a 2 person Suite.
You may select 1, 2 or 3 nights.
Bring your own group of 1 or 2 other friends, or be willing to be paired in a room with another LMT from your’s or another Chapter.
We are launching this at our Flagler Volusia Monthly meeting, this Wednesday the 8th–All are welcome to come in person, or you can email either Greg Neely Lmt ( or myself
( for more specific details or to arrange your Room Share plan.
You do not have to be paid to attend classes at Convention, you can register as a Guest for free and enjoy the Trade Show and the amazing pool. You just have to be a current FSMTA member.
Remember we have a discount package in Membership Benefits for Disney, which is only 2 miles from the Caribe.
Let’s do this!

Monthly Meeting is at Keiser University, 1800 Business Park Drive, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Presenter is David Gonzalez with Understanding Muscle Contractionking fountain lobby caribe pool pool2 rooms