May 11 Chapter Meeting-Touch for Trauma with Kimberly Reaves

Another of our First Coast members joins us for an informative meeting. Enjoy this class which blends in over a decade of Essential Oil use wisdom!


Kimberly Reaves is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Natural Healing Practitioner with The BodyTalk System, Holistic Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist and Holistic Health Coach with more than 20 years in natural healing.

Life and career have taught her how the mind and body respond to stress, trauma and injury. How one’s experiences influence one’s health and journey to wellness.

Diagnosed with a seizure disorder as an infant, she quickly learned the power of the mind and how proactively using her mind to reduce stress also reduced seizures.
Soft tissue injuries from multiple auto accidents taught her how to manage stress to reduce pain.
A career in Clinical Laboratory Science educated her on human biochemistry thus leading her to explore wellness through diet, hydration, natural supplements and essential oils.
Alternative therapies has increased her intuition and equipped her with tools for a happier and healthier life. She loves sharing wellness with others and gifting them with knowledge that will enhance their wellness journey.


Keiser University Auditorium

1800 Business Park Drive

Daytona Beach, 32114


2 CE’s awarded to active members, $25 to receive CE’s to non members20150925_173905-2


Monthly Meeting TOMORROW Wed April 13th is PRESIDENTIAL!

My Mentor, My Friend, My President   Your President too.

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Our April Meeting is PRESIDENTIAL!

If you have not met our State President, here is your chance. Leiah will be our Presenter at Keiser University Auditorium Wednesday evening.

Our State President Leiah J. Carr, LMT, RM, CH, ASRS, CHMLD has been practicing complementary therapies for over 20 years. Leiah will offer an introduction to Zen Shiatsu, a Japanese Therapy developed by shiatsu master Shizuto Masunaga in the 1950’s. In this presentation you will receive a brief overview of the history, styles and meridians, supported by its foundations in Chinese Medicine. The effects of Zen Shiatsu go much deeper, and can help the organs, the nervous system, hormones, as well as your muscles, joints and tendons. In a Zen Shiatsu session the practitioner senses imbalances in the Meridian system. The state of balance is known as the harmony of the yin and yang. Traditional Oriental medicine and the five element theory form the foundation of understanding of this healing art. CE Broker #20-530359Leiah_Carr_Facebook_photo20160223_141306-S 20160223_134648-S